Friday, November 9, 2018

How to Prevent Colds and Flu as the Seasons Change

This week, my children had their flu vaccine shots, thanks to their aunt who scheduled them at the health center where she is working. I hope that they won't get sick now that the cold season is coming.

Well, it's not really cold as what we used to enjoy in Saudi Arabia during the winter season. But the air has become slightly cold now especially at night and early dawn. With the cold season, medical experts say that the rhinovirus and coronavirus (the agents of common cold) tend to flourish because of the cool temperature. The same is true with the influenza virus. So, it's good to have that extra defense against these viruses.

Aside from the flu shot, there are a few other things that people can do to avoid catching colds and flu. Exposure to germs can't be avoided, so here are some really good tips to remember to prevent colds and flu:

Friday, October 19, 2018

How to Turn the Inconvenience of a Kitchen Remodel into a Family Adventure

Any mother with little children floating around the house knows how a slight diversion from a structured routine can add levels of stress you never thought were possible. Kids react differently to adults when confronted with changes to routine and most don’t handle those upsets as well as you’d like.

So then, you know you need to remodel that outdated kitchen to make life easier on you going forward, but what can you do to maintain a healthy balance while the work is being completed? How about making that inconvenient kitchen remodel into an adventure to be enjoyed? Here are a few tips on how to manage that.

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How to Tell If Someone Is Going to Commit Suicide

How do you know if someone is suicidal and what should you do?

Two weeks ago, we went to a wake of a young girl who is the daughter of my husband's cousin. The girl was only a senior high school student. According to the family, she died because she tried to help a friend who was going to commit suicide. She was trying to stop her friend jump from a building. Nobody saw what actually happened. So, the question "how come she ended up dead together with her friend" still remains unanswered. This incident is a dreadful one. It truly caused heartache and a lot of pain to the family that was left behind. 

Looking back, what could have been done to prevent the person from committing suicide? How about the friend trying to stop it? What could she have done to save both of them?

Friday, September 28, 2018

Why Summer Camps are Good for Kids

Kids and parents (too) eagerly await for summer camps because kids get a chance to play and learn important lessons while having loads of fun. What's also important is that parents don't have to worry about sending their kids to summer camps as these events are good for kids.

Friday, September 21, 2018

7 Simple Personal Debt Management Tips

What do you think about debt? Is it good or bad?

Some people think that debt is bad. Do you think so? I think Yes and No.
  • Yes, debt is bad if you're not paying and total payment with interest and penalties are going up.
  • No, debt is not bad if you're able to pay and manage all your debts. Another instance of using debt for good is if you use it to earn. For example, you borrow P10,000 then you earn P15,000. Of course, it is still the best not to have debt at all avoiding interest charges and you keep all the profits.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Grade 7 - 8 Arts and Craft Projects

It's been a long while since I posted about arts and craft projects made by my kids. I can't use the title simple arts and crafts for kids anymore because the projects here are not simple anymore. These are made by my Grade 7 and Grade 8 children and their projects are not that easy to make. It takes more time, thinking and A LOT OF PATIENCE.

1. Panagbenga Festival Paper Doll

This project involves two basic steps. Making the doll out of illustration board and decorating the dress and accessories of the doll.

She just copied a silhouette pattern of a person on the internet and traced it onto an illustration board. The second part is the hard part. The assigned theme to their class was the Penagbenga Festival. It is a flower festival celebrated in Baguio during the whole month of February.

Most of the design was made of colored paper, except for the necklace and the skirt. The necklace is made of cut straw strung together and the skirt is made of cloth.
Panagbenga Festival Paper Doll
Panagbenga Festival Paper Doll

Monday, August 20, 2018

Do You Know How Much Debt You Owe?

Last week, my 12-year old daughter asked me "Do you have debt, mommy?" She just asked me that question out of blue. Well, I found out later that it actually had something to do with her school lessons. At first, I answered her that we (my husband and I) don't have any debt. But on second thought, I told her that we do incur debt every time we swipe our credit card. But we totally pay for everything when the debt is due because we don't want to pay extra on interest.

I think that's the only debt we have. How about you? Do you know what you owe? Many people today tend to accumulate debt without thinking much about it. For some, it is plain irresponsibility. But it seems that a lot of people have become beset by this problem.