Monday, January 29, 2018

Visit to Caliraya Resort Club in Laguna

Last December 9, 2017, my family had the chance to go out of town. We went to Caliraya Resort Club in Lumban, Laguna. It was actually a treat from my brother and sister-in-law who came home from Canada.

I have been to Caliraya Resort Club more than 18 years ago. I've seen a recent review on TV that it has changed a lot since then. I looked up the club's contact number online and browsed their website. I wanted to make sure that it is still a good place for families to visit.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Find the Meaning In Your Life and You'll Be Happy

It's the start of another year. Welcome 2018! To start the year, let's look at a topic that could be a good starting point for setting directions in our life this year.

Do you agree with Audrey Hepburn's quote?

"Do whatever makes you happy." You probably heard that advice at one time or another especially if you've ever felt unsatisfied with a job or any other personal or professional situation. Maybe you have given that advice to someone else, too. I have. Sad to say, this advice is not helpful in many cases and can be misleading.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thankful for Spending Quality Time with My Family During the Holidays

It's one of the busiest months of the year for me. Aside from taking on new work and taking care of the kids, my brother and his wife from Canada came home last November 26 for a vacation. I'm thankful that we saw them again after two years. I'm especially glad because that made my dad very happy.

Of course, it is also the Christmas season so people are extra busy this month rushing to and fro to go shopping, cook and attend parties. But what's most important for me is having the opportunity to spend quality time with the family. I treasure the times I spent with my children. They are growing quickly and soon they will be on their own ways. So, I would like to enjoy them now while I still can.

This post will talk about personal things that kept me busy this December. So, just feel free to read if you have time. The main emphasis of this post is to "spend quality time with family" because you may not be able to soon.

1. The School 's Family Day

Sunday, December 17, 2017

25 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

In the last post, I wrote about 30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men. In this post, I would like to brainstorm on Christmas Gift Ideas for Women. This list of gifts is for moms, like me, and for the women in your life. She may be your wife, sister, girl friend, aunt and somebody else like your teacher or co-worker.

As before, I list down gifts that I think are appropriate for women without categorizing according to your budget. My goal is simply to share ideas of what are nice gifts for women.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

It's the last two months of the year and many people are already shopping Christmas gifts for their loved ones. I really haven't started buying gifts. I guess I'm a last minute shopper. Actually, now is a good time to shop because there are lots of "Holiday Sales" in the malls. Even the online world has ongoing sales.

For the next few posts on this blog, I will be brainstorming on gift ideas for our loved ones. As a starter post, let's talk about gift ideas for the men in our lives. Have you bought a gift for your father, brother, husband or boyfriend already? What gifts do you suggest to give them?