Fruit and Vegetables Clay Models

By | January 19, 2010

Just wanted to share this project my son made for school.  They were asked to make fruits and vegetables out of clay.  They look nice, don’t you think so?

It was a very good project, I should say.  It helps develop the children’s creativity and their fine motor skills.  They also get to learn about fruits and vegetables.  Even my 3-year old daughter liked to name each fruit and vegetable.  As I point to each item, I even encourage them to eat these things especially the vegetables because they are healthy and nutritious.

This is a fun and easy craft that our children can do.  You can even use Homemade Playdough (click to find the recipe).

Below are two videos showing how to make clay fruits and vegetables. We have used the same techniques in this project. The only difference is that we made miniature sizes and instead of using all the different colors of clay, we just mixed the primary colors to create secondary colored clay. For example, we mixed yellow and red to make orange clay.

4 thoughts on “Fruit and Vegetables Clay Models

  1. Mommy Maye

    So cute, parang totoo. I am so sure I will also encounter such project in the future. I’ll look at this homemade play dough too. Thanks.


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