Thursday, February 25, 2010

About Blogging: How Do You Choose Your Blog Name? (Part 2)

I think choosing the right name for your blog is very important in three aspects.  One, your blog name gives the first impression as to what your blog niche or theme is.  Two, the appeal of your blog is hinged to its name.  Does it ring a bell when your visitors come across it?  Three, having the right name will attract visitors from the search engines.
So how should we choose the right blog name?
First, consider what you know and want to blog about. What's your expertise? hobby? experiences?  Once you have chosen your niche, then you can think of a name that reflects it.  That makes sense right?  Visitors don't come to your blog unless you have something they want and the blog name is the first thing that they will look at.  Unless, of course, you want your name or a loved one's name to be attached to your blog's name, sort of branding it.

Second, be creative.  Your blog name needs to be attractive enough so that visitors will click through to your  blog. If possible, do not use a blog name that is difficult to remember or to spell so that your visitor can easily recall your site and can come back when they are looking again for information.

Third, if you want some visitors from the search engines, better do some keyword research.  Keywords are what a searcher will type into the search engine like Google or Yahoo search to find the information that he needs.  How can we find that keyword that we can incorporate or use in our blog name?

  • Step 1:  Go here and search for the keyword or key phrase of your niche. For example, you are targeting “gardening”, you would key it in and give the following results.

  • Step 2:  Key in the searched keywords into Yahoo or Google search and you will get the following results. Make sure you put the quotes around the key phrase.

On the line that says results, you will see the following information: Results 1 - 10 of about 42,300,000 for "gardening".

  • Step 3:  Do some division to come up with a ratio of searches to websites.  Take the number of searches for that phrase and divide it by the number of websites.  In this example, that would be:

42300000 / 8030 which is 5267

Do the same for all of the results. Then, take the result with the highest ratio and take that keyword and use it for your blog name.   This will be the keyword which is most likely to get you listed high in the search engines, thereby bringing in natural traffic.

Would you be willing to do th in choosing your blog name?  How did you come up with your blog or site name?


spinninglovelydays said...

My choosing process was not strategic at all. Anyway, I have an award for you over at my blog. Please come check it out. :)

Chin chin said...

I'll go check it right now, spinninglovelydays. Thanks!

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

Great advice. I love the fact you explain it step by step rather than giving vague advice and leaving us to figure it out.

I chose my blog name using the Google Adwords keyword tool to find out how often terms are searched for, then spends over an hour checking which hadn't already been taken at Blogger!

abeulay24 said...

hi chin,
i stumbled upon your blog. it's indeed a blessing and draws inspiration to an amateur blogger like me. Can I add you to my links?

God bless,