Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's a BC Bloggers' Party

I'm joining the BC Bloggers' Party - a get-to-know party organized by Mommy Paula.  Bloggers who are joining are supposed to write a little something about themselves.  So let me share a few things about myself.

My friends call me Chin chin.  I'm a Christian stay at home mom with 5 wonderful kids - 2 boys (Emmuel and Yuan) then 3 girls (Kristel, Janel and Angel).  Ang dami no?  That's the usual comment I hear from friends.  I've been married for 10 years now, so if you do the calculations, I gave birth more or less every 2 years.  My family and friends are amazed at how I could take care all of 5 little children (ages between 1 and 9) all by myself.  You heard it right, without any yaya and no close relatives (we do not live in our home country).  I thank God for giving me a husband who is loving and supportive in taking care of the kids.  I also thank God for the strength and wisdom that He gives me everyday. 
This is our latest family picture - April 2010

I also homeschooled my first 3 children during their preschool years.  It was a very fulfilling experience being my children's first teacher literally.   However, the 2 boys had been going to private school for 2 years now, the next 2 girls will be joining them in school this June.  So, I'll be left with my bunso at home while the others are in school. 

I started my first blog Inspirational Life Quotes in July 2007.  That's when I was introduced to the concept of blogging.  I liked it and then started this blog by December of the same year.  However, my blogging activity dwindled when I found out I was pregnant with my 5th baby around May 2008.  I just became active in blogging again last year after giving birth to my bunso.  I have started 3 other blogs since then - Praise Memoirs, Sunday School Lessons for Kids and PeopleString 101.  Aside from blogging, I also joined HubPages 7 months ago and have already published 11 hubs.  Hope you can also visit my hubs. 

That's all for this post for the BC Blogger's Party.  Thanks for reading and may God bless you.

PS Watch out for the post about how the BC Blogger's Party went where you will meet the other BC Bloggers.


  1. Hi Chin, nice to know you cut nyo nmn tingnan, thanks for visiting & following, but I can't find your follow widget.

  2. found it! just followed you :P

  3. You're one active blogger! :)
    You've got lovely kids too, they're all so guwapo and pretty. Nice getting to know you :)

  4. wow..u have a lovely family here.. happy blogging!

  5. Thanks for visiting Josie, Sherry, Vera and Reana.

  6. I salute you! That's no easy task taking care of five children but I'm sure it's fulfilling work for you. You and your family looks so happy!

  7. Hi Chin Chin! WhoAH! Your family are so adorable! amazing how you take care of your five children all by your own! its wonderful to know you~ and God bless you and your family!

  8. first time here!

    so where do you reside now mommy? just curious ;)

    so cute your bunso. i want to kiss him! hihi

    here from the party! *hugs*

  9. Hi mommy chin!

    I am your new follower of your lovely blog here.. its good to see a fellow Christian mom here...

    What a lovely and blessed family you have... take care!

  10. I dropped by from BC Bloggers and I am glad to see your site! :) I salute you for taking care of your 5 kids and homeschooling them too.. I also personally care for my 2 kids with out any help and we are planning to homeschool my daughter who is an incoming grade 1 student..

    i'd be adding you to my blog roll at my mommysite too.. hope you can check me out!

  11. hi! glad to meet you here Mommy Chin :-)
    from the bc bloggers party!

  12. Hi glad to know you Mommy Chin ... awwww, lovely family... joining the party too!

    Joining the party

  13. Wow! I thought I have the most kids in the world of blogging. I have 4 and they drive me nuts. I admire you for having such a wonderful family. Having a great husband helps a lot. Nice to know you. come visit me sometimes. This is My Life

  14. Hi, Chin chin! I'm glad to be here. You're really blessed to be the mom of five lovely children. As one lullaby song goes, "children are a gift from God." Thaks for joining the BC Bloggers' Party!

  15. whoaa!! Taking care of 5 children.. Two thumbs up to you Sis Chin chin...
    Before, i used to ask my mom if what are those secrets of taking caring of children, since malapit na akong maging mami also. She told me the word "Mom's instict" Sabi nya kasi you will know how when you get there. Kasi sympre you want nothing but the best for your children. And I think you are doing the same.

    Visiting you here from BC Blogger's Party
    God Bless Sis, Nice to meet you

  16. hi chin! it's obvious that you have a happy family. :)

    thanks for letting us BC bloggers take a peek into your life.

  17. Hi Mommy Chin-chin! wow its good to know a fellow Christian mommy here! Im so happy to meet you and I get to know more of you.

    I hope you can also take some time to visit and get to know me too.

    Thank you and God bless you more!

  18. Hi! My first time to visit, thanks to the BC Bloggers party! :)

    Wow, I always thoughts that it's nice to have a big family. Buti ka pa dami na kids, kami 3 years na married pero waiting pa din... :)

    Anyways, nice to meet you! See you around!

  19. howow, di naman madami, medyo.. ang saya saya naman! I wish for one boy pa sana or girl or kung God's willing. :)

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  21. hi there! dropping by! im a fellow bc blogger!

  22. Same here, I have been married for 10 years also and I have three kids. We share the same faith but I think you are blessed to have a husband who shares your faith trully.

    Nice to meet you Chin Chin!

    Visiting here from BC Bloggers Party. It's me Mommy Rubz.

  23. hi there mommy Chin Chin! wow!!! you're indeed one great momma! 5 children is no easy task, I have 1 and I find it hard imagining them being 2 by next year... hahaha!!! wow, I haven't visited your other sites, but the title speaks for itself... I believe I'll get so much inspiration from you... I'll be following you now... :)


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