Monday, May 24, 2010

Entrecard - Adgitize Blog Hopping

In the last post About Blogging: More Ways to Get Blog Traffic, I mentioned about using Entrecard and Adgitize.  Since I started using Entrecard and Adgitize, I've had some success getting visitors via these channels.  I will explain again a little bit about the two programs on the first part of this post.

What is Entrecard and Adgitize?
Entrecard is a blog networking site where you can join and have a profile of your blog/s in the member's area accessible to other Entrecard members.  By earning credits, you can use it to promote your blog by displaying your blog widget in other blogs when approved by the blog owner.  You can earn credits in 3 ways:  (1) by visiting other Entrecard member's blog and dropping a card on their widget (limited to 300 per day);  (2) when Entrecard members visit your blog and drop their cards on your widget; and (3) when Entrecard members buy ads from you to promote their blog on your site.

When you have enough credits you can go to the Campaign page, and look for blogs where you want to buy ads from.  Or to make it easy for me, I have downloaded the Entrecard toolbar.  I use it to switch between my linked blogs.  I also use it to get quick information  regarding my available credits and the credit required to put an advert on a blog that I'm visiting.  If I find a fairly high traffic blog and my credits are enough to advertise on that blog, with just one click in the toolbar, I can send my request in the queue.

Adgitize on the other hand is a paid affordable advertising option for bloggers (only $14 per month).  But I joined Adgitize only as a publisher (free to join).  I display Adgitize widgets on my blog for extra income and free traffic.  How is that?  Adgitize pays publishers depending on the points they earn which can be gained from
  • 100 points for writing a post (only 1 post per day is credited with 100 points even if you write many posts)
  • 100 points for clicking 100 Adgitize ads (you can click only 1 ad per blog, so you will need to visit maximum 100 blogs in the Adgitize network to get the 100 points; advertisers need only to click 50 ads to get the 100 points.)
  • Maximum 30 100 points each for your blog's page views and ad views
So, you can get a maximum of 400 points as a free Adgitize publisher (paid advertisers get 100 points more).  From my experience, you need to earn at least 200 points to get 10 cents a day (average).  So, on the average, you can earn $3 a month or $36 a year.  Plus, I get to have some free traffic.

But how do I get traffic as a free publisher?  When I do the blog hopping  in the Adgitize network, I find for  interesting posts and leave a sensible comment if I could.  In so doing, some bloggers do visit my blogs in return.  This blog hopping also helps me discover new blogs which are worth following and I follow them through Google Friend Connect.  Some also follow my blogs in return.

Ooops, this post turned out to be longer than I thought it would.  I took the opportunity to explain the above anyway because I did not really understand them when I first started out and maybe some of you also have this misunderstanding. Hope it helped.

Update December 16, 2011: I have been an Adgitize advertiser for 3 months now and I get about 50-60 blog visitors a day and I also earn about $15 per month. So, I get back what I paid for the advertising.


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