Monday, May 31, 2010

I Won at the Make a Wish Blog Contest

Wow! I am blessed.  I really didn't expect that I won 5th prize at Just Another Pixel's Make A Wish Blog Contest.  There were 33 entries and only 12 prizes were given away.  Thank You, Lord!  I won 4,000 Entrecard credits and 1 month advertising spaces on 4 blogs including that of the contest host's.  My thanks to Just Another Pixel and all the sponsors.

I joined the contest because I thought that the theme would make a great post.  I guess it did.  My winning post was A Mother's Wish.  I still pray that my children would grow up to be what God wants them to be with His guidance upon us as parents.  I also long to see a more blessed Philippines especially now with a new set of leaders and administration taking over.

By the way,  we just broke our personal computer, so I am not as active now with blog hopping.  But I still hope to publish blog posts borrowing a computer from a friend.  Hope we can still get our PC fixed.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. congratulations to both of us sis! i also won a consolation prize from blank pixels contest.

  2. Hi, please do comment on my entry for sunsilk blog contest here

    Need your support, badly! Thanks!

    Dropping by from BC Bloggers :-)

  3. Congratulations Kayce.
    I'll check your post now Seth. Sorry, I'm late.


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