Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wahmaholic's Blog Makeover Giveaway

Ms. Kaye Mendez  of Wahmaholic is giving away a blog makeover.  If you're a fairly new blogger in need of a customized blog design, or a seasoned blogger who feels your blog needs a new look, here's your chance to win a blog makeover design courtesy of Ms. Kaye Mendez - the wonderful blogger/wordpress blog designer.

Just click the banner below to see the complete contest details.

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway

Just to give you a taste of what you can win, here's her prize offer:  Up to $100 worth of WordPress or Blogger Makeover including:
  • custom header and footer
  •  custom background
  •  custom favicon
  •  custom navigation bar
  •  custom post footer (for Blogger)
  •  fancy post title font
  •  125×125 button/badge
  •  personalized signature
  •  fancy comment section
  •  layout style of winner’s choice
  •  and anything else that will make the makeover fabulous.

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