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Organize Anything with Wire Storage Cubes

About 3 years ago, a friend who was moving away left us some of their things at home.  Some of these items were decorative items, a computer table, a glass cabinet, kitchen utensils and others.  One that I found really useful were these collapsible wire storage cubes.  They are easy to take apart and reassemble.  You can literally find all sorts of uses for it in organizing things at home. Just be creative.

Here are some of the ways that I have used these wire storage cubes at home:
  • I have used it as dividers for my personal books / files and have used the top portion for keeping some office supplies.
  • Since it's welded open wire, I have used the side to hang all these bulky items like sunglasses, head bands, etc.
  • I have one used for dumping in our kids' toys specifically the small stuffed toys so that they wouldn't just lie around.  Easy for the kids to dig through and it's just as easy for them to put back the toys in themselves.
  • I have used one sort of as a shoe / slipper rack by the door for keeping our slippers and sandals all in one neat place.  Just lift the rack and vacuum the dust accumulated underneath.
Other handy uses that I could think of for this item include:
  • As a magazine rack - my friend actually used one this way and placed it in their bathroom.
  • As clothes and bath towels organizer.
  • As kitchen organizer for keeping groceries.
  • Just add an S-hook and use it to hang all sorts of things like neckties, IDs, keys, etc.
  • As a side cabinet in your office where you can organize nicely all those files and folders.
So, if you want to declutter and give a more organized look for your things at home, be creative and try to use wire storage cubes.


  1. That's a good idea for organizing stuff in the room. Did you do it all yourself? Terrific...
    Maybe I'll imitate your ideas to make the bookcase to make it look neat. You make a wire rack for glasses that are very creative. Do you have an idea for saving the files from the office? I want to buy a file cabinet, but my room did not have enough space. Are there any suggestions for me?

  2. Hi. Do u know where i can buy those cube wires? Can u tell me where?

  3. I think my friend who gave these wire storage cubes to me got them from Ikea. But I think these are also available in office supplies store online. I've checked Amazon and they are available there as well.


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