Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to Use Common Office Supplies to Make a SUPER Office Supply!

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Here's a post about how I can use and combine three common office supplies to help me organize my reminder notes at home or in the office.  For this project, I will use
  • Clip-Tabs - These come in 3 different sizes (S, M, L) and various cute colors.  There are also preprinted hearts and polka-dots design available.
  • Magnetic Tape Roll - These are flexible magnetic tape with adhesive which you can use to magnetize photos and craft projects
  • Note pads - You can use any small paper also or stationery if you wish
All I need to do is take a clip-tab, cut about an inch of magnetic tape roll and tape it on one side of the clip-tab.  The clip-tab is also writable so I can write on the other side the name of each of my kids.  I can use their favorite color, too.  Now, that the clip-tab is magnetized, I can attach it to any magnetic surface like the white board or on our steel cabinet door.

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I actually thought of this Super office supply for 2 purposes.  The first is to help me organize my notes about the schedule and to-do lists of my 4 kids who go to school.  This would include their schedule of quizzes and due dates for different projects.  Added here are the things that they request to buy for school. I will also make one for my personal to-do list.  With lots of things to remember, I can be forgetful, you know.  There were occasions that I missed teaching my kids for their quizzes because I forgot or overlooked it.

The second is to help me organize my notes in the kitchen.  I like to put my favorite recipe notes posted on our fridge door.  With this handy clip-tab, I don't have to fill-up our fridge door with post it notes.  Only one clip tab and I have about 30 pages of recipe notes in one place. 

Do you think this is helpful?

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