I Need a Mommy Quiet Time

I've been busy lately.  I can't believe that somebody actually hired me online to do writing jobs.  The opportunity came about when I joined an online contest writing this post.  I won that contest and was offered the opportunity to do freelance writing.  Thank God for an additional source of income for our growing family.

I had to reevaluate my priorities and adjust the things I've been doing.  God really spoke to my heart that I cannot keep up with everything I do relying on my own strength.  It's a tough job being a full time mom, wife, tutor, freelance writer, and all other jobs included with in the package.  The more I become busy, the more I need Him.

Therefore, I have resolved to really seriously spend time each day to meditate upon His Word for it is the lamp to our feet and guide to our path (Psalm 119:105).  I have decided to journal my thoughts daily (Oh this is a commitment that I praying to keep) and I have created a new blog for it.  It's called Mommy Quiet Time.
If you are a mom like me who feels the same way about the importance of spending time studying God's Word, then I invite you to join me at Mommy Quiet Time.  I pray that it will bless us all as we take our journey in having a quiet time with the Lord. 


  1. thanks for sharing sis and congrats to the new opps for you. Stay Blessed!

  2. If you watched "Sex & The City 2" you might get the idea of having quiet time :)

  3. Hello!:)looking forward to read more of your inspiring posts:)...following you from Top Blogs!
    Would ♥ to hear from you too...:)


  4. @Kayce thank God for these blessings

    @VanillaSeven I have not watched that movie. Is it GP rated?

    @Des thanks for following this blog. Am following your blog too.


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