Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boggle Me Thursday

If you like to play Boggle, then you can join this meme.  It is fun and it improves word skills.  To participate, just click on the Boggle Me Thursday button below.


This week's Boggle, I played with my son last Thursday.  But I wasn't able to post it because of poor internet connection.  Anyways, I found 28 words but my son found 3 other words I missed so the list totals 31 words.

Oops I just noticed that I missed the and them in the listing above. It should be 33 words in all.  Unless I missed more words.

Use in a sentence...silly or otherwise.
The math game we played on the mat in the cute hut by the sea while drinking tea made us hungry.  Thus, we just shut up, dreamed  riding on a jet set off to Italy and ate some pizza.

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