Sunday, October 10, 2010

Join Written By Mys Giveaway and Win a Free Domain

Another contest to join....

Written By Mys is inviting everyone to join her giveaway where she will award one free domain name to the contest winner. The mechanics are very simple which include putting the contest button on your blog's sidebar, making a blog post like this about the contest where you mention why you want to have your own domain. Then submit your blog post link.  You can also get additional points for subscribing to her feeds or following her through Google Friend Connect.  To view the contest page, go to Written by Mys Domain Giveaway.

As for my reason why I want a domain name...I want a domain name to either brand this blog and make it easier for readers and visitors to remember the blog address (not as long as  Or I might use it for another website, maybe for business.  I'll think more about it later... hope I win.

What about you? Do you want a free domain name?

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EihdraG said...

I'm joining this too... Thanks for the visit and the prizes. :)