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Iba't Ibang Sasakyan

I've been trying to transfer some the posts from my other blog here since I can't maintain the other one due to extreme busyness.  Here is one post there.  A poem in Filipino titled "Iba't Ibang Sasakayan" (Different Types of Vehicles} by Emmuel when he was in Grade 3.  He also drew the matching pictures using Tux Paint - a free interactive painting software especially for kids three years and up.

Green Car Drawn by Emmuel using Tux Paint

May sasakyang kulay itim at puti
May sasakyang kulay pula at dilaw
May sasakyang kulay asul at berde
At marami pang iba.

May sasakyang malaki ang kaha
May sasakyang maliit ang katawan
May sasakyang mabilis ang takbo
May sasakyang mabagal ang andar

May sasakyang gawa sa Japan
Red Car Drawn by Emmuel Using Tux Paint
May sasakyang gawa sa Korea
May sasakyang gawa sa Germany
May sasakyang gawa sa Amerika

May sasakyang pang-lupa
May sasakyang pang-himpapawid
May sasakyang pang-dagat
May sasakyang pangkalawakan.

Iba't ibang klase ang mga sasakyan
Maghahatid ito sa ating pupuntahan
Mula noon hanggang ngayon
Katulong natin ito sa paglalakbay.


  1. hhahaha...kakatuwa naman to....:) thanks for dropping by...glad to be here...following your blog!

  2. ang dami palang uri ng sasakyan.. :D

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