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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Would I Want to Levitate?

This is my official entry to LEVY's contest.

LEVITATE. According to Webster, it means to rise and float in the air in apparent deviance of gravity.  Some of the pictures below give an approximate visualization of what levitation means. The first one is Janel suspended in mid-air. She was jumping when her sister, Kristel, took this snapshot.

Kristel took a snapshot of Janel jumping.

The second one is a picture taken when we were in the Philippines. While I was getting our travel tax exemption, our kids and their cousins went to the Rizal Park Children's Playground nearby. They were jumping for joy as they had fun playing slides, swing, riding animal statues, etc.

Emmuel and Yuan (the boys with eyeglasses) with their cousins jumping for joy.
The last picture shows a hint of what kind of fun we had in our 2011 summer vacation. It was taken when we had fun swimming in a private Cavite resort. Our nephews had fun jumping over and over again into the pool.  It sure looks like they are flying - levitating, right?

When I think about levitating, the fictional characters Peter Pan and Tinker Bell comes to my mind. They are characters which are popularly known for levitating/flying. When encouraging Wendy and his brothers to fly with the help of some faith, trust and pixie dust, he just told them to think about any happy little thought.

So, happy thoughts can make you feel like levitating. Have you ever experienced that? Isn't it that when you are in the midst of such a happy situation, you feel like flying or walking on cloud 9? Think about when you were in love. Think about when you received news of winning something - a prize, an award, or a promotion.  In these situations, who wouldn't want to levitate?

But there are times when I think I don't want anything to do with this levitating.  I remember every time I was one-month pregnant, I felt like levitating and nauseating.  Not that I don't want the great news of having a baby, just the physical feeling associated with it.  I also remember my mom told me about 3 years ago that she had this feeling of levitating or floating in the air. Then a year and a half after, she had a heart attack and suffered clotting in her artery.  It was really scary, but thank God, she survived and is getting much better now.

I can say, then, that there's a good side and a bad side associated to levitation. But there's a levitation that all of us must prepare for. The levitation I'm talking about is the time when our soul and spirit would levitate from our physical body. Yes, someday we will all face the fact that we will die. And we should be ready when that time comes.

The Bible says that there are just two destinations when that time comes, either we levitate to heaven or to hell. Which would you prefer to go to? Jesus claims that He is the only way, the truth and the life. No one can go to the Father (heaven) except by Him. Do you believe this? I do and if you want to know more about this, just visit this link Get Saved Today.

By the way, this is an entry to a contest where the first prize is $200. I really hope I could win so that I can make someone feel like levitating.  Someone I know and care about (identity is kind of confidential) is really in need of money for medical treatment, so if I win, I will give the prize money to this person.  Please help me win by leaving a comment to this post. Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
A very good meaning or explanation of a feeling when we levitate to heaven... just like saying flying home to where Christians belong.. flying home to heaven... Good for us that we don't need any pixie dust from Tinkerbell...what we need is only the Blood of the Lamb that cleans us from all unrighteousness...God Bless!..narci

Chin chin said...

Hi Ate Narci,
Flying home is indeed a very exciting event that many Christians are waiting for and we have Jesus to thank for for the sacrifice He has done on the cross. God bless po.

teecup said...

The photos look awesome!

And this blog entry... inspiring and substantial. I like the way you were able to weave biblical insights into a light and fun topic.

I would love to fly home to heaven. :)

Chin chin said...

Thanks teecup for appreciating this post. I did not win the contest but I'm glad that people like you at least likes my writing.

Hope to meet you in heaven someday.