Friday, September 9, 2011

Filipino Virtual Assistant Free Training

Filipinos are very much in demand when it comes to getting hired as virtual assistants, because of our ability to speak and communicate in English fairly well and the relatively lower fees that employers need to spend. Of course, as Filipino VAs, you should know how much you ought to get paid. Check out this blog post on how much a Filipino VA is paid working from home.

If you want to know more about this career on becoming a VA, there is a free seminar to be conducted by Chris C. Ducker of Virtual Staff Finder. You can know more about Chris in his blog The seminar will be at Berjaya Hotel Manila on Sept 10, 2011, Saturday 1-5 pm.  Certificates will be distributed after the seminar. For more info, visit their the VSF fan page.

Now, if you miss that free training, then you may also be interested in joining Jomar Hilario's free webinar online call on September 14, 2011, Wed 8:00- 9:30pm (Philippine time).  He will be interviewing Virtual Assistants. Get to know how other people started working from home, how they adjusted, what are their fears, how did they overcome them. Also, know how they landed their "jobs," what they do everyday, what they liked about working from home and what they don't like about it. You can also ask any questions you wish to know about VA jobs. Register for this free Online Seminar (or webinar) Call by registering and joining the Jomar Hilario Mastery group.

To give you an idea regarding the webinars Jomar Hilario is conducting. I've embedded one of his most recent webinars where he talks about 4 Ways to Earn From the Internet. It is very informative and he does give really helpful tips (something that I wish I knew before) about blogging and about VA jobs. You have to know Filipino though to understand the video. I hope you find this video useful.



  1. Excellent share, Chin. I hope many aspiring virtual assistants will attend the seminar before taking the plunge. It is always best to come prepared.

  2. this is interesting...i'll visit this links. i just remembered when i applied, may mga nakasabay akong VA ang position na inaaplayan nila
    dito sa 'pinas, working as a call center agent ang pinakamabilis na mapapasukan lalo't fresh graduates, this is a tough job kaya lang sige na lang...kaysa nakatambay sa bahay

  3. Hi, Teecup. I also wish to attend seminars and see how far I could really go and earn with this virtual assistant career. But, I didn't have the chance to do so during our last vacation in the Philippines.

    Reese, it is better use of time instead of just doing nothing at home. I'm trying my luck first with virtual assistant jobs.


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