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My Personal Goals for 2012

Last year, I wrote a post of my personal goals for 2011. To my dismay, I did not accomplish everything I wrote down 100%. I have written a hub talking about what prevented me from actually achieving my goals. Hopefully, this time around as I write my goals for 2012, I would be more focused and persistent in reaching my goals.

Since I was not able to reach all my goals last year, most would be the same as my goals this year. These are the 3 goals I really want to accomplish for this year.
  • Have regular family devotions. I am glad that we had many quality devotional time as a family last year but I want it to really be a regular time together. Putting it on a regular schedule is really a must. I want the verse "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" hold true to our family.
  • Lose weight. I'm sad that I even added 1 kg to my weight last year instead of losing 1 kg per month. My fault. I allowed my part-time online work and other time wasters to rob me of my time to do more physical activities. 
Lose weight now. Image by Alan Cleaver, Flickr
Now, on my to-do list is to do 20-30 minutes exercises everyday and to regulate what I eat - less sweets (which I really like) and more fruits and veggies. No snacking after dinner. I am gonna monitor my weight or better yet ask somebody to monitor my progress. Anybody would like to volunteer? That way, I will feel more accountability in meeting my target of losing 2-3 pounds a month.
  • Write more hubs. I want to do a lot of writings. There's my blogging and part time freelance writing but I can only do so much. So, I want to particularly pay attention to my writing on HubPages
Last year, I wanted to write 2 hubs every week. I didn't. I was able to publish only 22 hubs last year. So, my goal this year is to have a total of at least100 hubs. I have 58 hubs now, so 42 more to go or about 4 hubs a month which is a more realistic goal for me.

There's an air of uncertainty for us this year (Exciting!) and we would probably expect a lot of changes if we have to move back to the Philippines. As of now, my husband was not accepted in another job he applied to because of the same reason his company is ending his contract - Saudization. So, I'm putting my trust in God to help our family in the upcoming months. I am still hopeful that I will achieve these 3 goals of mine for this year. 


  1. God has His reasons chin. maybe He wants to bring you to another place (greener pastures, I pray) that's why He's making you leave there now...


  2. Thanks Sheryl. I know God has His plans for us. We just trust and follow.

  3. Good luck! I hope you accomplish your goals for 2012.


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