Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clipix, My New Online Organizer

I browse online a lot and bookmark sites, articles, tutorials and videos which I like to visit again using my web browser. But bookmarking and organizing online pages this way is just for personal use. What if I like to share part or all of it with family and friends?
Well, I found that clipix is a new free online site which offers a great way to bookmark or "clip" what I find online and store them there in "clipboards" for later browsing. This is how a clipboard looks like.
Stay at Home Blessings Clipix Clipboard

As you can see this is my blog's Clipboard. I created clipboards which have something to do with blogging or my blog, Stay at Home Blessings. So, you can see there different clipboards such as My Recent Blog Posts, Blogs I follow, Great Recipes, Child-Friendly Sites, Interesting Reads and Books I'd Like to Read. I also have other clipboards there which are for my eyes only. It's good that I can decide whether to share a clipboard with everyone, with my friends or keep it to myself only.
As you can see also from the snapshot of my clipboard above that I've just began using Clipix. I still have O friends. So, if you decide to sign-up and use Clipix, let me know in the comment section what your Clipix URL is and what your Clipboards are about and I'll add you as my friend. By the way, my Clipix URL is http://www.clipix.com/personal/stayathomeblessings.
Before heading over to Clipix, watch this video first to know more about the different things you can do with Clipix.
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