BC Bloggers Meme: Family Bonding at Star City

Last Sunday was my 3rd daughter, Kristel's, birthday. I pray that she will be blessed with health, wisdom and joy and that she will grow up to find favor with God and with men. It was also her cousin, Lanz's, birthday so they just celebrated their birthday together. We, that means the cousins, aunts, uncles and lolo, all went to Star City and the kids had fun together enjoying all the rides.

It was the first time that my family went to Star City, so my 2 sons and 3 daughters all had fun. What made it extra special is enjoying this bonding time together with their cousins.

All 13 cousins plus some of the aunts and lolo
I didn't have much pictures. Why do I ever forget to bring my camera when I need it the most? So, whatever pictures I have below were shots from my cellphone. Pardon for the poor image quality.

Riding the carousel ... Go horsey!
Dragon ride ... see the Chinese house on the background
The girls posing with Captain Hook . They've been to Never Land.
Kristel, posing with little sister, Janel.
Fish in the pond ... Feet in the pond ... Just relax.
I wish I could post more pictures. There were a lot of rides and places to see in Star City. My 3 little girls enjoyed the Octopus ride and the Bump car. I think they have ridden the Bump car more than 10 times. I really don't know what the boys enjoyed the most. They've been with their boy cousins and uncles and were here, there and everywhere.

At the end of that day, everyone was tired, nevertheless, very happy. It was a great time together with the family.

Have you been to Star City? What did you enjoy the most?

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter! It's so nice to be able to spend time with family members. I sure wished I had a lot of first cousins myself because they make family gatherings something to look forward to.;)

  2. fun family bonding! belated birthday greeting to the birthday girl! :)

  3. Great birthday idea! You've got a huge family there, sweet!

  4. Haven't been to Star City, but I plan to go there when my son is a little older. Belated happy birthday to your daughter.

  5. I think bago pa ang Star City the first and only time I went there. Maybe I should visit again soon, didn't know they were open even if it's not Christmas. Looks like you all had a blast! :)

  6. i remember, the first time we went to star city it was around 1993 or 1994. that was like eons ago. i wonder what the place looks like now.

  7. Belated happy birthday to your daughter. :)

  8. Going out with your family is really fun. At the end of the day, everybody became happy with the bonding moments.

  9. Belated Happy Birthday! Nice party you had and you gave us good photos too!

  10. Belated happy return of the day...the kids surely had fun...

  11. Belated birthday greeting to your daughter and her cousin. Saya, bump cars sa Star City, solb na'ko. :D

  12. Belated Happy Birthday! God Bless! :)

  13. The last time I went to star city was way back 2007 (when I was in college) hahaha! Hopefully we can visit star city this year with my mom :)

    By the way, I would love you to visit my blog http://jeniferbalatico.blogspot.com/2012/07/i-am-zaloras-brand-ambassador.html and let me know if you want a follow back and link exchange. Do let me know what name you used to follow :)

  14. great family bonding! :D belated happy birthday to your daughter :)

  15. Here's praying that her heart may be always overflowing with love and joy; her mind with wisdom and peace, and her soul with hope and perseverance to pursue your dreams with so much passion. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  16. I think I have been to Star City when I was still in high school. Imagine that...


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