Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finding It Hard to Wait? nTrust

We went to the health clinic today because I had a follow-up check up.  It is really difficult to wait for your turn in these check-ups. I actually waited almost 2 hours but was in the doctor's office only a few minutes. Sigh!

While waiting, I remembered that my daughter urged me to join this contest by nTrust. She wants to win at least one of the 3 prizes - iPad 3, iPod Touch or iPod Nano. So, here's their picture holding up the nTrust poster.

This photo was taken at the health clinic while people were lining up for their check-up.
If you want to avoid long line-ups, go to
What is nTrust anyway? nTrust is a new online network which allows anyone to remit money to the Philippines or anywhere on Earth instantly, in any amount or currency. This service is available 24/7/365 and offers bank-level security.

There is no charge when you send money to the Philippines, to your friends or families who have free accounts in nTrust.  There is a charge of P325 though in receiving or withdrawing the money. (I am not sure how this amount compares to other remittance services.)

Here's a simple diagram of how to transfer money to the Philippines via nTrust.

You can deposit your cash into the nTrust vault then you can send money to your nTrust neighbors (your contacts in nTrust) any time, anywhere, in any amount and currency. It's another way of helping OFWs all over the world facilitate the sending and receiving of their hard earned money in a fast, easy and secure way.

Want to try out nTrust today? Create your free account now.

Disclosure: The link to nTrust is my referral link and I will earn something when you open a free account and complete your profile. Thank you.


Sheryl Georylcom said...

i've never heard of nTrust but their contest will surely generate lots of attention because of the exciting prizes. hope you win in the contest! regards!

Chin chin said...

I hope so, too Sheryl. My daughter has been asking me to get her an mp3 the longest time. The products by Apple are definitely much better than just an mp3.