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First Flood in the Philippines

It's not unknown to many that since last Monday, the whole of Metro Manila has been experiencing continuous rainfall and so many low areas are flooded. That included the city of Pasig. As balikbayans, this is my family's first flood experience.

Behind our house is a creek, we don't have any second floor and so last Monday midnight, we decided to leave our house and stay with my in-laws because the creek will be overflowing soon. My children and I went there to stay. My husband stayed behind to take care of our things - elevate them so they wouldn't get wet. I wished I could stay and help him but my 2 daughters, Janel and Angel, then were sick and I had to take care of them. His sister's husband stayed and helped him. Thank God!

To continue with our story, we stayed with our in-laws. My children seemed to be so happy not minding the situation ... there were no classes and they get to play with all their cousins. I thank God because Angel got well on Tuesday but Janel was still having high fever. I kept praying that God would heal her soon. Praise God, she's well on Wednesday. Though, they're having some cough and colds now.

Back to talking about the flood, the flood inside our house is up to the thigh. I can't imagine how all our things look like now. Over here in our in-laws, though the flood has not yet entered the house, we can see from the second floor window the flood in the streets up to the waist.

Flood in our street, not our house - Thanks to Rowena for the photo

The water is so dirty with all sorts of garbage flowing (who can collect the garbage?) and yet people are still so happy swimming, others are disgusted but what can they do about it? There's a different mode of transportation here now that there's water everywhere. Just look at the different kinds of boats that people use ...

Bangkang Yero - Improvised boat made with yero (roof steel) and wood

Balsang Saging - Boat using banana stem as floaters

Baranggay Rescue Boat

P20 per head to palengke, P30 to municipal hall & P50 to simbahan 

Baby is enjoying his ride

Drinking water please ...
The fare to these boat rides range from P20 to P50 per head. There was even a time when the boat was scarce that the fare was P200 per head. I haven't tried walking in the flood (except when it was just starting to) nor have I ridden a boat. But I have a feeling that sooner or later, I would have to. They say that the flood water here takes up to 1 month before drying up. Hu hu hu.

In spite of everything, there still much to thank God for. I know from watching the news that there are a lot more people who have suffered much more than us. Today, the sun shone brightly and some of the folks got their relief goods.  Thank You, Lord.

Relief goods

I wasn't able to do much online work or blog hopping lately because of what happened. I don't have regular internet connection, though I can try and explore other options. Using broadband now.


  1. Hope you and your family are safe. Praying that the torrential rain will stop already.

  2. Hope that your family is well.. and hope that the flooding subsides soon.

  3. We Filipinos are really resourceful. No matter what kind of situation we can survive.

    Looks like the weather is clearing up. I hope the flood recedes in your area so you and your kids can go home. Stay safe!

  4. glad to know you and your family are safe. good that you immediately evacuated to higher ground. material things can be replaced.

  5. Have you been able to go back home now? We were flooded too and believe me, the water there looks cleaner than what we had to deal with here. Ours was black and very filthy. We're done cleaning up but my cousins aren't done yet. We were least affected inside our compound because our house is elevated.

    Hope you're able to go home now and everyone is okay and no more sick days!

  6. We Filipinos are very resilient. We'll get through this calamity and hopefully, learn our lesson as well. Let's all do our part in taking care of Mother Earth.

  7. we watched the's like us here in Thailand last year:( but by God's grace there'll be sunshine after the rain..keep safe:)

  8. our apartment was not hit by the flood but ot our office. we have no work for 2 days until the water subsided.

  9. I hope everything is well now! Take Care! Louise, Mommy Practicality, BC Blogger

  10. Our house is hit by the flood as well. Really scary because of the high water level and the amount of it that keeps on rushing inside our house.

  11. This is really terrible... Good to know that Filipino's are known na matulungin kaya no matter what nag dadamayan at nagtutulungan pa din lalo na sa ganitong situation.

  12. flood or whatever natural calamity always bring problems in our home. hopefully you have recovered from this event. take care.

  13. Filipino spirit of resourcefulness were captured well in those photos! I heard from the news, Pasig was badly struck by flood. I'm glad to know your family is safe.

  14. As the saying goes, Filipinos are waterproof. No matter the situation, they sure will find a way. :)

  15. Our location wasn't affected by the flood and I am thankful for that. But like you, my problem is intermittent internet connection. I was not able to finish more online tasks. :(

  16. I really can't stand seeing pictures like this. Hope you and your family are okay now.

  17. Glad to know your family is safe. We have same experience, flood in our street rose as high as 10ft according to our barangay captain. :(

  18. This is really sad. Our house was also flooded up to my waist. Nakakapanglumo talaga

  19. You seem to have a nice neighborhood-without the flood. And Filipinos are really resourceful. I'm glad everyone's safe. :) It's a blessing as a lot of people in other areas lost their homes, and lives even. :(

  20. If the foundation of the home has been weakened by the water damage, you will only put your family at risk by moving back in. You need to be sure that the foundation has not been damaged…


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