Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jomar Hilario Webinar - Blogging How-To

I know it's November 2. It's All Soul's Day and many people are having a long holiday vacation. Today, my boys went with their father, lolo and uncle and watched the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) game live - a first for them. While my three girls, their auntie, a friend and I went to SM mall. We ate, played at Tom's World, shopped a little and ate again. All of us had our break and had some fun.

Janel doesn't look like she's having fun. Well, all 3 girls rode the merry-go-round and she was the only one who sat  in the coach while the other 2 girls rode a bouncing horse. 

When we got home, around 10 pm. I took the time to watch the webinar by Filipino Internet Marketing guru, Jomar Hilario. I'm actually a student of his mentoring club though I've not moved much onward with the program. I have a lot of catching up. I hope by watching this I can make more progress.

The webinar is free and I've embedded the video below where Jomar teaches how to make a blog. He also talks a little about how to make a Facebook page and how to weave Pinterest into blogging. I've had some new insights as I watched. I hope you can learn something, too.

Update: Sorry but the video is no longer available so I just removed the video.


Sheryl Georylcom said...

oh, so nov 2 is family bonding time (boys with boys and girls with girls though, hehe). your little Janel probably did enjoy but she just got tired.

viviene @ thejourneyofawoman said...

Hehehe.. she did looked sad. Or maybe yeah, just tired. =)