How Schools Rank Honor Students According to DepEd

My second son graduated from elementary school today. Hooray! I’m so happy and proud of him because he improved a lot in class standing – from just being a consistent honor student last year to top 5 of his class this year. Thank You, Lord!

Congratulations Yuan and to the Graduates of 2014!

Actually, he was top 3 of the class in terms of the academic grade average.  But as the school principal discussed in a meeting with the parents of the top 10 honor students how they came up with the ranking of the honor students following the DepEd guidelines, I saw how he was eventually ranked to top 5.

Academic ranking was 70% and extra-curricular points ranking was 30%.  My son was rank 3rd in academics and 8th in extra-curricular so he ended up in 5th. You can find how the ranking is exactly computed in the slide presentation below.

Update: Read the Changes in the Ranking of Honor Students According to DepEd (2017)

I appreciate how the school exercised transparency and explained the ranking of the students. I also believe that they (teachers) tried to be as objective as they could in the computation.

But to be honest, I don’t fully agree with the point system of the extra-curricular activities of the students as well as the computation of the ranking. For example, my son was part of the school’s basketball varsity team as well as the digiMath team . Those two extra-curricular activities demanded a lot of time (for practice and review) from my son but then he only received so little points for that. Whereas joining the Red Cross seminar for only 2 days , gave double or triple the points to those who participated. I don’t think it’s a totally fair way of evaluating how active a student is in terms of extra-curricular activities.

Regarding the computation of the ranking, I wish that they could have computed the 70% academic grade + 30% extra-curricular grade of the individual student prior to ranking. Though the result may end up the same, what it suggests is different. It shows the overall performance of the student versus the other students.

If nothing changes, my advice then to pupils who are aiming for high rankings is to join the Boy/Girl Scout, Red Cross, try to get elected as class President (awarded 2 points) and strive to be the President of the Supreme Pupil Government or SPG (awarded 8 points). Of course, join clubs and contests (about 2 points if you win 1st prize alone not as a team) as well. Even if you’re not top 1, maybe top 2 or 3, if you know how to play it, you can still get to that elusive spot.

Students and parents need to know this honor pupil ranking system because it may lead to disappointment when the students are ranked at the end of the school year. I am speaking from personal experience. My son is a transferee from a school abroad and we, as parents, did not really know the exact pointing system of the extra-curricular activities. And so …

Am I sour graping? Perhaps. I will not be honest if I said that everything was okay, but I fully respect the decision. DepEd surely has its reasons why the system is as it is and I only see things from my perspective which may be limited in scope.

I congratulate all the honor pupils who did their best. They deserve the recognition.
I want to say that I’m proud of what my son accomplished.  Congratulations, Yuan! I hope and pray that you will learn more in secondary school and be the best that you can be and as God wants you to be.

Congratulations, as well, to my 2 daughters. Kristel was top 3 and best in deportment while Janel was top 10 of their respective grade levels. Keep it up, girls!

Congratulations Girls! Honor Pupils Kristel and Janel


  1. the blessing is that all of your children are good in school and they are all honor students. Congratulations to all of them.
    I remember when I was in high school, extra curricular activities are very important as well.

  2. Yes, that’s how we rank our honor students in 4th year HS as well. We just can’t base solely on academics because we are also aiming for students to have a role outside the class. I think the point of the department is to not only limit the capacity of the child inside the 4 corners of the room.

  3. I learned the 70-30 ruling recently when I met a mom of a graduating senior discuss having to travel to cebu and naga for her kid’s girl scout activities. While I was in grade school, extra-curricular activities are only used to break a tie. If I were in school today, I’d be disappointed, too.

  4. In my daughter’s school they removed the ranking and they just use A, AP, P and the S and no honors too but if you achieved all A’s you get a merit certificate but there’s no more awarding ..Upside is the parents aren’t grade centered and the downside is that it removes the competitive side of the kids as well.

  5. Hi Leira. That is the grading system being implemented for the K-12 program. That is also the grading system of my Grade 7 son. I think it helps to see how your child is performing versus a standard. If the student gets all As (90 above equivalent), he’s considered 1st honors and if you get no APs (80 below) but A (86-89) and P (80-85) only, you’re considered 2nd honors. But I think their school still recognized the Top 10 of the entire grade level.

  6. First of all, congratulations to your son! Being 5th in ranking is a big deal and should be celebrated!
    I knew that method of ranking ever since I was in school myself. Even though I excelled academically and joined multiple extracurricular activities, I just couldn’t top the people ranking before me. They were into sports and I wasn’t, so talo ako! Hehe!

  7. Perhaps I was lucky before because ranking was not so. Also, I remember that only Top 1, 2 and 3 and Best in English, Math and Science only were awarded. So much different na today.

  8. Congratulations to your consistent honor student. You must such a proud Mama. It’s a blessing to have a smart children. Congrats again:)

  9. So this is how it’s done pala. My cousin who’s like 8 felt a little bad because her grades was higher tpos she was awarded with Honors lang. Pero the other kid was awarded With High Honors na mas mababa naman yung grade. Sa extra-curricular ata bumawi.

  10. My Grade 2 daughter also felt bad because she’s just top 10th at the end of the school year when I think she should have placed higher perhaps because of the extra-curricular also.

  11. I do agree with your points. What if the student excels well in class but he is not active physically to joins such club, his ranking will definitely go down.

    Also, there are times, that those who usually joined extracurricular activities, like quiz bees, are the same faces from grade 1 to grade 6. What about the others? They don’t give chances to other individuals to participate in such extracurricular activities.

    I know someone who ranked 2nd academically but when the extracurricular activities was included in the points, she landed 7th in over-all ranking.

  12. I didn’t know about this ranking until today. Schools would want children to be well-rounded too. I was competitive before, but sometimes it takes out the fun of learning.

  13. Wow and tatalino naman ng mga kids mo sis. You must be a proud mom.
    Anyway, I know how it feels because once upon a time I have gone through what your son went. I got the second highest GPA when we graduate in HS but I ended up not even on the top 5. That’s because I don’t participate in extra curricular activities. It is just that I don’t like but I was too shy that time and also teachers picked who ever they want to participate in contests, There’s no eliminations what so ever. Anyway, that was past and what is important is what I have become now.

    I am so sure there’s a lot in store for your son. Good luck and congratulations

  14. Thanks for the compliments.

    Each person is really unique and I guess what’s more important is to excel in what we’re good at and not just measure ourselves against others. You’re good in your own way, Mommaye.

  15. It’s great that the school is transparent enough to share how the ranking is done. This will make the parents aware too. But more than the academic excellence we wish the kids to have, I’m sure you’ve inculcated Christian values to them that will be pertinent to their growth.

  16. Ida, I’m actually happy with the Christian school that my kids are going to because they have a good Pastor to shepherd them in school.

  17. Ito yung latest until now ? year 2017.

  18. Hi Dhel, I think it is still the same because I haven’t seen any new DepEd memo online regarding the ranking of honor students. For your reference, check this ( and this ( memos from DepEd.

  19. Congrats to your son! keep it up!

  20. Congratulations to your kids for doing a great job. They have such a good teacher (their mom). What a blessing.

  21. When I was still in high school, this was how our ranks were determined, too.
    Congratulations to your kids, you must be really proud of them. But oh, congrats to you, too.


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