Goal Setting for Kids - 2 Ways to Create Winning Feelings

by Jean Tracy, MSS

Goal Setting for Kids - With Feelings of Joy and Enthusiasm:
When we accept tough jobs as a challenge. . . and wade into them with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen." - Arland Gilbert

Children become winners when they approach life with joy and enthusiasm too. But when children's spirits are down, they don't feel like trying. Goal setting offers them a way to learn the magic of optimism. Here are two ways you can help them.

Parenting Tips - 2 Character Building Ways to Create Winning Feelings:
Let's say your Brad loves soccer but he's an average player. His last practice was a disaster. He's told you that he'll be sitting on the sidelines this season. Now he mopes around the house. Your heart goes out to him. You ask him if he'd like a way to create winning feelings. He smiles. Here's the next step:

First Character Building Way to Create Winning Feelings - Pick it:
Ask him to pick the feeling he needs to be a better soccer player. If he doesn't know, give him a choice of feelings to pick from. Perhaps you suggest energetic, determined, and enthusiastic. Brad says he likes focused better. You're not sure that's a feeling word. To Brad it is, so use his word. His word means something to him and that's just what you want.

Second Character Building Way to Create Winning Feelings - Feel it:
Tell Brad to imagine running toward the ball. Then tell him to feel what it's like to focus on running toward the ball. This may take some time. He'll probably need to close his eyes to get the feeling right.
When Brad feels his chosen feeling, tell him to practice feeling it every night before he falls asleep and each morning before he rises.

Goal Setting Summary:
Goal setting with the right feelings helps your child learn a winning skill for life. Just remember to have him pick the feeling he wants and then feel it. You'll be teaching him to experience the joy and enthusiasm of tackling a challenge. In short, you'll be showing him how to be a winner. You'll be building character too.

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