How to Hold Your Newborn

It is not unusual for you as a first time parent to be nervous around your newborn baby. However, it is a must that you know how to hold him the right way. If you are not comfortable holding your baby, he is going to sense this. He may arch his back and not want to be carried by you.

In order to avoid this, you need to relax and feel more comfortable with your baby. There are different ways that you can hold your baby. You can cradle her head in the crook of either arm while the rest of her body rests on the lower part of your arm, which support her back and bottom. Your other arm provides additional support to her bottom and legs.

Another way is to hold her against the upper part of your chest with her head on your shoulder. Your forearm should be placed across her back and your hand should support her resting head. The other hand is free or can be used to support your baby’s bottom. Find the position that the baby is most comfortable with.

Deciding to hold your baby more by utilizing a baby carrier has its pros and cons. This depends on the style of carrier you have, whether it is a technical carrier that offer better spinal support, or an Asian-style carriers or wraps.

Then, you need to know how to use your carrier. When you are working with a wiggly baby, you need to know what you are doing quickly and efficiently, or it could be a frustrating experience for both of you.

Most importantly, babies need to feel secure. This can be done by holding them close to your body. Doing so will make your baby happy with you and would love to be held in your arms.


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