Baby Care Basics - Diaper Changing

If there is one thing that a new parent should learn and be comfortable doing, it is diaper changing. This is because newborns tend to soil their nappies every time they feed, which is about every 3-6 hours, that is, up to 10 nappy changes a day.

Here are some diaper changing tips I have learned through the years of caring after my 4 kids.

1. Be sure to have all necessary things within reach before changing the diaper.

2. If possible, limit the use of wipes. I only use this when we are outside the home. This is not only economical but it is advisable not to use wipes until the baby is at least 6 weeks old. What I do is use moistened cotton balls to clean the nappy area. If you have to use baby wipes, look for the alcohol-free ones.

3. There are times when I thought the baby has finished urinating or faecal soiling, but then right after I remove the soiled diaper, he does it again. To avoid additional messes, put the baby under a waterproof mat when changing the diaper. It would also be wise to place the new diaper under the soiled diaper while cleaning the baby and removing the old diaper. Baby boys also tend to urinate when released from the nappy, so I would advise covering the penis with a toilet paper to avoid getting wet from unexpected urine fountain.

4. When cleaning baby girls, wipe from the front to the back and don't clean inside the lips of the vulva. With baby boys, on the other hand, wipe from the leg creases towards the penis and don't pull the foreskin of the penis.

5. Finally, before fastening the clean diaper, dry the nappy area thoroughly so that the baby would not develop diaper rashes.

For a demonstration of how to change baby diapers, watch the video below.

Video Demo for Changing Diapers

More Diaper Changing Tips


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