Baby Basics - Breastfeeding Your Baby

When it comes to feeding my children, I found it healthful, most affordable and convenient to breastfeed them. This is what pediatricians and medical professionals highly recommend and what I personally recommend.

Why Breastfeed Your Baby?

It is very convenient.

  • No need to wash, sterilize feeding bottles over and over again. Breastmilk comes in a very special bottle.
  • No need to wake and stand up in the middle of the night to prepare formula milk. I just lie down with the baby and breastfeed him.
  • No need to warm the milk as breastmilk is of the right temperature.
  • No need to carry lots of additional stuff when going out of the house as I can breastfeed him anytime anywhere (I just need to find an appropriate place or do it in a less obvious manner).

It is very healthful for the baby.

  • It's a complete diet though our pediatrician recommended supplementation of vitamin D.
  • I find our babies less prone to sickness.
  • I also find them not likely to suffer constipation compared to other babies having formula milk.
  • They are also not so colic.

It is economical.

Let's face it, formula milk is not getting any cheaper. And babies really gulp lots of milk! So, it's very good for our family budget that we could feed our children breastmilk for "free".

Downside of Breastfeeding

Some of the downside in breastfeeding that I experienced is not being able to measure the amount of milk intake. So I have to feed the baby on demand. Sometimes, I do have sore nipples, my mistake. Watch the video later for tips to avoid this.

My husband can't take my place when it comes to feeding the baby. We could put the breastmilk in feeding bottles, but because there's plenty of it, I had to breastfeed most of the time to prevent engorging of the breasts, which is quite painful.

Also, when it is time to teach the child to drink regular milk in a glass after 2 years old, it is quite a difficult adjustment.


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