Kids are a Mom's Blessing

As a stay at home mom, my most enjoyable blessing is to be with my kids. Of course, it's not always smooth sailing taking care of them. But, I do get the chance to see them grow, learn new things and most of all, know God and His will.

However, it is not only them that learn new things, I do, too. While teaching my son his Reading lessons, I learned interesting things about God's creation. Did you know that the skeleton of crabs is on the outside of their bodies? That's why their shells are called exoskeleton. Very unlike our bodies, our skeleton is inside of us. When they outgrow their exoskeleton or shell, they take it off as if taking off a shirt and wait for a new one to grow from the exposed part of their flesh which hardens. What a wonder!

I also enjoy taking some videos of my children, singing and playing and just having fun. I'd like to share with you some of them here.


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