Do-It-Yourself Mom

As a stay at home mom, it is an advantage to have some do-it-yourself skill. Many of the little things that needs to be fixed at home like changing the light bulb, hanging a picture frame on the wall, fixing a clogged sink, etc don't have to be done by a service man.

First of all, it saves you time. Why wait when you can do it yourself? Second, you save some cash. You don't have to pay somebody else to do it if you can do it yourself, right?

All it takes is having the right knowledge about a certain task. You can read about it or ask someone who knows how to do it. Don't do the mistake of presuming you know how to do it. Ask first to avoid accidents or unwanted results.

Another thing to consider is having the right tools. If you have on hand the right tools to go about the task, what's stopping you from doing it yourself. And talking about tools, here is a new tool called the HammeRule - a combination of a hammer and ruler - thought of to be a useful tool. Care to share your thoughts on this new tool in this Conversation sponsored by dNeero?


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