How Customer Service Affects Travellers

Last year, my family went back to the Philippines for a vacation. Airlines used to allow either a baby carrier or a baby stroller as a hand carry for a family who has a baby with them. However, when we were about to board the plane, they did not allow it and took our baby stroller into the baggage area of the plane.

We tried to reason with the service attendant, telling him that we have 4 kids including a 6-month old baby. Moreover, we have a 3-4 hours stop-over in another airport before our final destination, so the baby stroller is a must for us. But he did not allow it.

In short, we found it hard to travel because the baby and our 2 year old daughter needed to be carried, aside from our hand carries. It's a good thing that a kind lady helped us along even though we just met on the plane.

Not a very comfortable travel experience for us thanks to that airline's customer service. On top of that, when we reached our destination, we got back our baby stroller broken. For that, we never got even a word of apology.

That experience is just one demonstration of how bad customer service affects people like us. Would you like to share your thoughts on this conversation "Customer Service or No Customer Service" sponsored by dNeero?


Anonymous said…
chin chin, I think most of these new rules by airlines are because of the price of fuel. American Airlines now charges $15 for 1st bag, $25 for every bag thereafter. I know this does not apply to YOUR situation, but I would recommend travelers invest in Space Bags! You can get 3 suitcases full of clothes in one suitcase with them! I think Customer Service is going to get worse as the months go by. God bless you, chin chin
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure whether a baby carrier is allowed on board in all airlines or depend. However, I certainly not please to hear what you've experienced! I had been the customer service field in my ex-jobs, in my service policy - proactive is so important. Unfortunately not many companies practice that or even care on that. They always thought customer service is "solving problem". Sometimes it's too late I can say!

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