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One of the stay at home businesses that you can do is freelancing. What is freelancing? It is about being a freelancer or an independent worker, not on salary, hired instead on a project basis. If you have the skills of a writer, information processor, web designer, software developer, photographer, translators, graphics artist, transcriptionist, accountant, legal adviser and the like, you can earn by freelancing. is a website that helps freelancers find projects to work on. It is owned by Innovate It (a Swedish company) and was started on February 2004. Now, it is one of the top players on the online freelance area.

How does work? Freelancers or service providers who want to make money can sign up with them for free. They can browse on projects that are posted on their website and bid on projects that is in line with their expertise. If you get hired by the service buyer or outsourcer, you get to work on the project.

To protect both service buyer and provider, a safe escrow environment is provided. This ensures that the freelancer will get paid, while the service buyer won't lose money by not releasing the money until the project is completed. GetAFreelancer's goal is to provide the best freelancers at the best possible price.

So, if you want to make money as a freelancer, sign up with to start.


Crissy said…
Hi friend! I liked your idea of SAHB 101 very useful and informative. For me to keep updated about it and your other posts I will subscribe to your feed thru email aside from paying my visit here. Happy weekend!

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