Making Bedtimes Pleasant

Why Do Children Get Fussy Before Bedtime? Babies tend to cry at bedtime because they're tired, irritable, and don't wish to be separated from their mommies. As they grow older, they'll require more of your attention at bedtime.

That is so true. My daughter, Kristel who is turning 4, still acts that way before going to sleep, sometimes. In order to calm her to sleep, I have to stay beside her in bed and caress or pat her.

Well, that should not be that hard. The only thing is, I have 4 kids. The oldest has kind of outgrown that demand. But the next 3, a boy and 2 girls compete for my attention at bedtime. Three of them sometimes want to lie beside me all at the same time. Sounds like trouble, huh?

It is, and I feel guilty because sometimes such a scenario ends up in a scolding and crying. That is so sad. As much as possible, I don't really want them to go to sleep unhappy or with the sound of an angry parent's voice in their ears.

Do I have another choice? Sometimes, I hope that they would just grow up. Anyway, I'd better make the best of things just by being there for them at bedtime and make it pleasant for them as much as possible.

Here are a few tips for making bedtime pleasant:
  • Settle into some routine that the child needs in order to sleep - a story, a song or a gentle game.
  • Do everything to make him calm and happy before sleep.
  • Forego scolding for a minor dismeanor.
  • If your child has become attached to a comfort item - a doll, a blanket, a pillow - or habit - rocking, thumb-sucking - don't take it away from him. He will give them up in his good time.


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