Sunday, June 15, 2008

Month #2 of Pregnancy

Had my first ultrasound last week. Though I had some spotting, the baby is fine, heard the heart beat for the first time. Praise God. Still not feeling too well, even my blog posting is affected. I got to take things one at a time.

Here's the video of what's happening to Month #2 - Weeks 5-8 of pregnancy.


  1. Hi friend! Take care of yourself and the baby. First three months of pregnancy are the delicate periods.

  2. I'm so excited when I read this good news. As you know, I'm pregnant too! Mine is now in 13 weeks... How are you feeling? I'm still having trouble in appetite even after 3 months. I have posted my baby scan photo in my blog few weeks ago. Is it the 1st baby? Congratulations and hope you are doing great!

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  4. congrats on your pregnancy, take extra care of yourself and rest well!

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  6. Congrats first & then Take care of both your and your new one. :).


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