Earn With Your Digital Photos

How would you like to use your digital camera to earn some cash online? Do you know that there are free legitimate photography opportunities available in the world wide web even for amateur photographers like us?

The good thing is we can do these part time while staying at home. It is practically cost less. We only need (which probably you already have) a digital camera, a computer and an internet connection. We don't need any special printers or expensive photography equipment because all of the pictures will be uploaded directly to the internet.

Let me share with you how to earn with your digital photos online. If you're fond of taking pictures, you can submit them to stock photo websites. One that I recommend is CanStockPhoto.com. Sign-up is free. If you meet their criteria, which includes submitting 3.0 Megapixel images, you can apply as photographer.

If you qualify, they pay a 50% commission for guest & member purchases on Can Stock Photo, and a flat $0.25 for subscription sales. Photographers are free to submit as many photos as they like, and will never be charged a cent. You always retain ownership of your images, and once you earn $50, you can request PayPal cash-out, or $100 for a mailed check or Moneybookers transfer.

If you wish to pursue this opportunity and earn more, I recommend reading this ebook which details a system as to how to maximize your income through digital photography. This is a must read to get started right.


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