Baby's First Foods

Angeline is now almost 5 months old. She has been eating her first solid foods for the past 3 weeks once a day in small amounts. She had already eaten rice cereal, lugaw (rice congee), pureed camote (sweet potato), and pureed potato. But breastmilk is still her most important primary food.

Here are some tips for feeding the baby her first solids foods according to the Baby and Toddler Food book published by Konemann:
  • Rice cereal is the best choice for the first solid food as it is easy to digest. Dilute it with breast milk, cooled boiled water or formula.
  • The cereal should not be runny and you may have more success by making it quite thick. Half fill a very small spoon and do not give her more than a couple of spoons at these early feeds.
  • The best time to try first solids is at the mid-morning feed when the baby is settled and in a cooperative mood.
  • Serve food at room temperature. Always check the temperature before serving.
  • The baby's swallowing has been associated with sucking until now. So she may cough, splutter, spit out at the first try of feeding. Be very patient and give very small amounts each time.
  • Do not keep leftover food for the next meal - if any saliva has touched the food, bacteria may grow.
  • Once your baby is enjoying cereal, she can try small amounts of pureed fruit and vegetables. Mash the boiled vegetables with a fork or push them through a sieve and then dilute with little boiled water or formula.
  • Fresh fish can be given when the baby is over 6 months. Remove the skins and bones carefully.
  • Baby has no craving for sugar, salt and cream so think of her future eating habits and don't add extra sweetness or fat.


Veronica Lee said…
Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.
Hi! You are absolutely right about babies having no cravings for sugar and fat. That's why it's better to start giving your baby veggies first and then fruits. My daughter is almost 5 and she doesn't eat sweets. All my friends ask me how I do it but I just never gave her any. She has cake for b-days and candy for Halloween. All the rest is for mommy.LOL
I saw you promoting your blog on BlogCatalog. I blog about parenting. Stop by any time.
pinkshellow said…
I remember our baby's first solid food and to think it was just several weeks ago. Right now, he is so playful.

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