What Your Hair Says About You

I got short, layered cut hair. It's a bit boyish but I like it because it projects simplicity, which is really me. It makes me move with ease while I work around the house especially when caring for my baby. I don't have to worry about my hair landing on her face.

When is it time to change my hairstyle? I'm not sure, maybe when I feel it's time. Join the conversation at dNeero's about "What Your Hair Says About You?"

When you know it's time to change your style, we bet it's because of how you're feeling ... and don't tell me that that the shaved look in the military doesn't have as much or more to do with fitting in, and it does with functionality. How important is our hair? Do a search for 'hair' in Bing.com (Microsoft's new search engine) and you'll be loaded with 249 million pages ... search for 'shoes' and you'll only get 152 million pages ... it ain't scientific, but it sure is suggestive.


I just got my haircut today. It works like a charm - i feel instantly better about myself. I always get a new haircut, I don't repeat myself. LOL. At one time it was pixie-short, now my daughter insists that i need long hair "just like a princess". Congrats on yours!

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