A-Z of Biblical Parenting

I was able to watch one episode of World Impact with Billy Wilson about Parenting. I took some notes and want to share with you the A-Z of Biblical Parenting.

A- Avoid provoking our children to anger. Col 3:21.
B - Become examples for our children.
C- Care for our children.
D- Discipline our children. Prov 13:24; 23:13.
E- Encourage our children. 1 Chro 28:10.
F- Forgive our children just like the father of the prodigal son.
G- Guide our children. Prov. 22:6.
H - Hug our children.
I - Inspire our children. 2 Tim 1:5
J- Journey with our children.
K- Keep our promises to our children.
L- Love our children. Titus 2:4.
M- Motivate our children. Gen. 49.
N - Nurture our children. Eph 6:4.
O- Offer our children to God like Hannah offered Samuel.
P- Pray for our children.
Q- Quiet our children. 1 Tim 3:4.
R- Release our children especially when married.
S- Shield our children. Hannah makes a coat for Samuel every year.
T- Teach our children. Deuteronomy 6:7
U-Understand our children.
V- Validate our children's dreams.
W- Worship with our children.
X- X-ray our children's activities unlike Eli.
Y- Yearn for our children's salvation like the father with demonized son.
Z- Zoom in on our child's needs.


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