Parenting Tips and Blog Hop: Three Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids - 9/28/2009

This is my entry to the MckLinky blog hop for this week's theme: Three Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids. This is not a list of the MOST IMPORTANT. This is just a part of what other parents, like me, think we should teach our kids. Please do visit the other blogs listed in this blog hop to check what other moms and dads think.

My 3 things every parent should teach their kids are 3Ps.
1. Patience in waiting. I've noticed that my children are so impatient. When they want something, they want it NOW. Well, they have to develop it slowly because it comes with maturity, and their childishness right now still gets in the way.

2. Perseverance. Another thing I've noticed is that when they have to do something like their school homework, for example, when they see it's hard, they want to give up easily. I need to teach them that in order to gain something it takes a lot of hard work. I guess this generation is getting more used to the "instant" solutions made available by technology.

3. Prayer. Praying means they have trust in God. This is most important because when they learn to trust God, even when things are long in waiting or the going gets tough, they will always lean on God for hope and strength.

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Love your list...especially #3.

Many Blessings,
Mominin said…
Love your 3 P's. We are really working on #2 with our boys!
TheAtticGirl said…
Great list! Patience is something that I am trying to teach my son as well.
whenpigsfly said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours! I love your suggestions, all 3!
at smithsoup
Hi Chin Chin!
To me prayer is the very essence of faith.Thanks for visiting Oils For Wellness, hope you will stop by again soon.
Blessings to you and yours, Jen
Tammy said…
Your 3 P's list was great!

Thanks for hopping by my blog too.
Perseverance is a really good one! Great advice.
Lucy and Ethel said…
Thanks for visiting the Suite!

You have great suggestions here. Big people need to heed them, too :)


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