Tips on How to Declutter Your Home

All of us like a house that is organized and clutter-free. Moms, like me, are usually left with the unending task of keeping the house clutter free. What are we to do with the lots of things that have become unwanted clutters around the house. For me, my children's toys are on top of the list. For others, it can be tons of clothes in the closet, shoes, books, novelty items, etc.

One time, I watched Ophrah's show that featured tips on how to organize and keep the house clutter-free. Let me share what I learned. To know which of the things we have that we should keep or dispose of, it will be helpful to have 5 boxes that are labeled Trash, Keep, Donate, Sell and Swap.

  • Trash - These are the things that are totally unusable and are just cluttering up the house, i.e. broken toys, slippers without the other pair (really), etc.
  • Keep - These are the things that you decide that you want to keep. They may just need some washing, recycling or a touch of creativity.
  • Donate - There are a lot of charities that we can share old but usable clothes, shoes, bags with. That is where our children give their old toys to.
  • Sell - A lot of things that we buy we rarely use. What we can do with these is to sell them on a yard sale. If you can sell it online, like ebay or TripleClicks, you can earn 4-5 times more than a yard sale. Be sure to ready your handy camera and take a picture of the items to make it more saleable.
  • Swap - Among the things that we don't want to keep but are still good, are items that we see and immediately someone comes up to mind that we want to give that item to.

Be sure to do these from time to time so that your clutters at home won't pile up. And you would have more free clean space to enjoy at home with your family. Also, you might like to practice recycling and make storage containers using recyclable materials.

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Speak Out said…
Some useful tips. Thanks
Elyong said…
Your link is now added to the Filipino Christian Bloggers Directory ( ). Sorry it took a while, been busy with other things. God bless you.

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