Protecting our Children by Immunization

Today, Angel will get her immunization for measles which is scheduled for an infant 9-months old. Though she will cry because of the pain for a while, it is for best. Why is it important for babies and children to get their immunizations or vaccines?

Though newborn babies get antibodies from their mothers, their immunity to many diseases may last only a month to about a year and only to the diseases mom is immune to. When these antibodies are gone, the child becomes vulnerable to diseases.

Newborns, babies, and toddlers can all be exposed to diseases from parents and other adults, brothers and sisters, on a plane, at child care, or even at the grocery store. If they are not vaccinated, their bodies may not be strong enough to fight the disease.

Many of the diseases vaccines protect against like whooping cough, measles and polio can be very dangerous to babies. Before vaccines, many children have actually died from these diseases. Thank God for vaccines, we don't see these diseases as often.

Let us not delay to protect our baby and risk these diseases. Let us take them for immunization when he or she needs it. There are immunization schedules to be followed. For more information on this, you can download the Parents' Guide to Childhood Immunizations.


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