Mcklinky Blog Hop: My Favorite Christmas Tradition

Christmas is here and lots of people would love to start traditions (or add to theirs) but just need some good ideas. Tell about your favorite Christmas tradition or activity so we can all share them.

I know I am already late for this blog hop but I still wanted to share My Favorite Christmas Tradition.  As a Filipino, there are 2 things in the Filipino Christmas Tradition that I like most, the display of Christmas lanterns or parol and the singing of Christmas carols.  Both display the ingenuity and talent of the Filipinos.

With the displaying of lanterns, usually in the shape of a star, it symbolizes hope.  Just as the wise men followed the star to find the newborn Christ, the Christmas parol gives hope of finding life anew.

I like the singing of Christmas carols.  I remember as a child, my sister, brother and I, go around the neighborhood and sing Christmas carols.  As a treat, they give us some coins or even bills after we sing.  Learning the Christmas songs taught us the good values that each Christmas song represent.  Some explains what the true meaning of Christmas is about. 

Here's an example of Christmas lanterns and a Filipino Christmas carol.

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