Need to Have Baby Teeth Extracted

Two weeks ago, my 7 1/2-year old son had his two lower teeth extracted by the dentist.  Usually, milk or baby teeth would loosen on its own because of growing permanent teeth.  This doesn't really need dentist intervention.  However, we had to take our son to the dentist because his 2 permanent teeth are already coming out and the baby teeth are still strongly attached.  (Hmmm.  Must have been because of having too much milk and yogurt.  These.are his favorite giving him strong teeth and bones.)  It was recommended to extract the old teeth to prevent misalignment of the growing teeth.   

Anyway, my kids and I are sometimes fond of watching Mr. Bean on You Tube and we saw this funny video of him going to the dentist. I find it really hilarious.  I'm just glad that my kids are not that naughty when going to the dentist.


A.Marie said…
Hi there! I found your blog while "doing the drop" with Entrecard! You have a lovely blog and I'll be back to visit soon! :)
Miss T said…
LOL;Hilarious. Some kids handle dentist visits better than older people. I am from the old school and when it comes to going to the dentist its a nightmare.
Chin chin said…
I am also not really fond of going to the dentist. But I have to, to show my kids that it's for our best to visit the dentist to care for our teeth. Thanks for dropping by Mommi and A. Marie.

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