Kids Play and Learn Proper Nutrition

My 2 daughters from time to time play this online game.  It is called "The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective".  It is an educational game teaching about proper nutrition and healthy eating for kids.

I saw this from PrimaryGames dot com and bookmarked it for my kids.  I never really thought that they would love it.

The game features the amazing food detective who reviews cases of of kids and their health concerns like when teeth and bones are weak.

Through an interactive response from the player, he is taught what is the right action to solve the mystery or case.  As in the example above, he is taught to find calcium rich foods.

It is very helpful in teaching our kids the right kind of food to eat in a very fun way.  Try it with your kids.  It's a great way to start a healthy eating habit for our kids.


Chris said…
this sounds interesting!

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