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Parenting Tips: Building Character in Kids - How to Turn Whiners into Winners

Do you have children who complain and whine about all sorts of things especially school and chores? Do they say "I don't like to study, it is very difficult.  Why am I always supposed to do this chore?"  If yes,  then were on the same boat.  If not, I envy you.  To help us out in this issue, I'm reprinting this article How to Turn Whiners into Winners with Jean Tracy's permission.  Thanks Jean.

Is building character a challenge for you? Do you feel discouraged when your kids pout about chores like setting the table, feeding the dog, or doing their homework? Do they whine, saying things like, "You make me do everything, nobody likes me, and I can't?" Choose this Thought Stopping Method to help them change their attitudes.

I remember my grandmother's gripes and groans. Everything was terrible. Everyday my mother telephoned to encourage Grandma saying, "For Pete's sake, mom, look on the bright side." Even though my grandmother had been a beauty with plenty to be grateful for, she died an unhappy, lonely old woman. Don't let this happen to your kids. You have the power to build positive attitudes in your children. The key is Thought Stopping.

You are your child's best counselor. No one knows and loves your children the way you do. Because of your parenting role, you have the power to influence their attitudes. Not only that, you can change your whiners into winners.

Thoughts direct our minds. Like the driver of a car, thoughts decide where to go, how to get there, and how long to stay. Your children's negative attitudes are driven by their negative thoughts. Negative thinking can steer your children into feelings of helplessness, resentment, and laziness. Your task is to help your children choose the thoughts that steer them in the best direction. This is where Thought Stopping can help.

The Thought Stopping Method promotes positive attitudes by helping your kids:

* Realize that negative thoughts lead to unhappy lives.
* Decide to be a happy person.
* Choose positive thoughts instead.

The Thought Stopping Method is a process that:

* Recognizes negative thoughts when they occur.
* Stops them immediately.
* Switches negative thoughts into positive attitudes.

Because of your unique parenting position, you have the power to influence your children's thoughts. You don't need to lecture. You do need to sit down and discuss the Thought Stopping Method with your kids. By training your kids to develop positive attitudes, you are teaching them the formula for success.

Don't waste energy facing pouters, whiners and complainers after a hard day's work. Experience family joy, laughter, and co-operation instead. All it takes is guiding your whiners into winners. Teach Thought Stopping! You'll build character too.

Jean Tracy, MSS, "Granny Jean" publishes "Tips and Tools for Character Builders," her Free top-rated Parenting Newsletter. Subscribe at her web site and receive 80 fun activities to share with your kids.

Treat your children to our Thought Stopping Kit. It includes easy directions, a chart, an article, and rewards for changing negative thoughts into positive attitudes.

Jean Tracy,MSS, Northwest author and speaker, is a former teacher, probation officer, and child/family counselor.

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