Clay Photo Frame Project

This clay photo frame is my 2nd son's school project.  It was quite nice and very easy to make.  Here are the materials needed to make this project:
  • Clay - you can make some using  this Homemade Playdough recipe - 2-3 different colors
  • different beads
  • photo
  • cardboard
  • string, glue, tape and scissor

First, cut the cardboard at least 1 cm bigger along all the sides than the size of the photo.  Then glue the photo in the center of the cardboard.
Second, mix the 2-3 different colored clay then make a long roll (like a snake).  Stick it to the borders of the the photo-cardboard.
Third, decorate it with beads or any other decorative articles you can find.
Lastly, tape a string at the back for hanging or make a stand out of extra cardboard.


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