How's Your Laundry Day?

It's laundry day again.  We are 7 in the family and you can just imagine how much laundry I need to wash.  That is about 10 pails of laundry clothes a week.  I usually do my laundry 3 times a week.

I know many recommend washing everything once a week because they say it is more time efficient - you get to do other things on the other days if only one day is set as laundry day.  Plus, it is more economical as you get to conserve water, soap and energy if you wash the clothes in a day.

However, thanks to technology today, my best friend washing machine is there to save the day.  I just have to load the clothes to the washing machine, set and forget.  Then, I can multi-task. I can cook at the same time, or read a book, or make a blog post.  To save on water, soap and energy, I try to maximize the wash load.  If not enough clothes to wash are available, I postpone it another day.  I also wash the white and colored clothes on separate days. 

How about you?  How do you go about your laundry task?  Everything once a week? Or 2 or more batches in a week?  Which do you find more convenient?

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Anonymous said…
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Alison said…
Man I was doing it mainly all in one day. With a newborn again it's all over the place!

I do my sons's laundry seperate. Just because it's easier, and when they need PJs. So thats 2 load each week.

Another 2 loads for our colors and one for our whites, I trrry to do that all on Sunday but it hasn't been working for me.

MIL lives upstairs in the apartment (We rent her house for now) so I to her laundry on Saturdays... and sometimes it runs into Sundays.

And oh wait there is also cloth diapers to wash! Though with the new baby around I haven't been doing cloth as much right now. So much easier with disposables and well less laundry too!

Ugh just thinking about doing laundry makes me so tired. And so sorry for the long and rambly post, laundry hits home for me. :)
Chin chin said…
I understand your situation, Alison. Laundry can easily pile up especially when you have babies and kids around. That is also why I do a couple of loads the whole week. Whew! It really gets tiring. But that washer sure is a big help. Don't worry about the long ramble.
Cheryl Pitt said…
I agree! I can't do it all in one day because I usually have too many distractions. I average 1-2 loads a day and do much better with that.

FYI-I could be wrong but unless you know the first commenter you may want to delete or check their comment. It looks like the ..... has a link in it and a lot of times that is p*rn sites.
Chin chin said…
Thanks Cheryl for telling me about the link. I did check the first comment. But it was only a while ago that I learned how to delete approved comments.

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