About Blogging: What Content Should I Publish? (Part 3)

In the last post of this About Blogging series, we talked about choosing a blog name. After having done so, what's next?  The next step is a very important step for the success of your blog - WRITING QUALITY CONTENT  for your blog posts.

Why is that important?  As they say, "CONTENT IS KING."  Your blog content draws the readers to your blog.  If they are really happy with the information you shared, they may follow your blog through email or feeds.  They would keep coming back as long as you publish content that they love to read and know.  And more readers means more traffic; more traffic means more income for you if you are monetizing your blog.

What quality content should we write?  We should write original content related to our blog's theme or niche and it should be something that readers would find interesting or helpful.  What?  I need to write?  Yes.  By writing the posts yourself, your blog's content becomes unique to you and the search engines love that and would bring traffic to your blog.

But I am not a very good writer?  What are my options?  

One option is to hire a writer to write content for your blog. Of course, you need to spend some cash. You can go to Upwork or Fiverr or iWriter.

Another option, if you don't like the first option, is to use Private Label Right or PLR articles.  PLR articles are articles you can use in any way you want with the author's permission.  You can change it, divide it into separate blog posts, or even claim yourself as the author if that is allowed in the terms of use of the seller.

But with PLR, you still need to rewrite the article up to 60% to make it unique.  Though you still need to write, at least now you can do it probably at half the time and effort since you already have a structure of some sort regarding what you want to post in your blog.

Some of the PLR sellers I like are PLR Minimart, Piggy Makes Bank, Niche Starter Packs, and PLR.me. If you want to get some free PLR articles, these two PLR sellers are offering free samples: PLR.me and Piggy Makes Bank.

If you still think you can't use PLR articles, the last option I could suggest is to post content from article sites that allow it like Ezine Articles.  But you have to follow their rules which is usually giving credit to the source - keeping the author's contact information and link intact.  What you can do to make it not completely the same as the article found in the article site is to at least introduce the topic or give a brief review of the article you will reprint.

Do you have any other ideas for making blog posts?

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this post are my affiliate links. If you buy anything, I get a small commission without additional cost to you.


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