Do You Cut the Hair of Your Kids?

I do.  I've cut the hair of all of my 5 kids.  It's more economical and spares the child (and me) the embarrassment of having to cry in the beauty parlor or barber shop.  And I think I'm getting better at it.  I know that someday, they won't allow me to do it anymore - that's when they want some haircut that's more fashionable.  Anyway, I think, I'm doing ok in cutting their hair unlike Mr. Bean in this video.  Yup!  I like to have some laughs watching Mr. Bean.  Enjoy!


Alison said…
We got my eldest son his first hair cut where my husband got his first hair cut, and by the same guy. Plus it was free. But alas I've been cutting it since. He stands mostly still for me to do it, unlike the crying and hair all over him and me since he had to sit on my lap!
Hilarious! I did cut my boy's hair while they were babies/toddlers. Now they go to Fantastic Sam's & economical barber shops w/ their daddy.
My mom did my daughter's first haircut, but I plan to do the rest myself... that is, until she already prefers somebody else to do it :)

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