A Mother's Wish

When God gave me 5 beautiful children, He gave me more than I wished for.  Being a simple person, I desire nothing much for myself.  But as a mom, my greatest joy is for my children to be what God created them to be.  So, the prayer wish for this moment is not about me, it is about them.
Emmuel is a bit quick-tempered --
    May he learn self-temperance.
Yuan is way too shy --
    May he learn self-confidence.
Kristel loves to help housekeep --
    May she learn to love books, too.
Janel says sorry with ease --
    May she learn to mean what she says.
Angel is just a year old or so --
    May she enjoy safety exploring her world.

I have one more prayer wish that does not directly involve my children, but it will impact their entire future.
May the Philippine elections be a peaceful and an honest one
Where the will of God will prevail - not man's
May there be prosperity and economic recovery
A spiritual revival when Filipino hearts will turn back to God
Then in hopeful expectation, He will heal and bless our land.

Unless something radically changes in our present time, what kind of future will our children have?  Let's pray together for a more hopeful tomorrow for our children.


That is beautiful and so true. I feel the same way about my children.
VanillaSeven said…
Be thankful of what God has given us is a key for blessed life :)
beautiful indeed. hope you can visit me sometime.
Chin chin said…
Thanks everyone. Hope that these prayer wishes will come true.
Eihdra said…
Congrats on winning in the contest..But you have won the greatest of them all- your 5 kids!!
I salute you for rearing them in God's ways...

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