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Never Rush Things When It Comes to Love

Aside from the funny-looking face on the contest badge of Humor Me Makoy Contest, I find this McDonalds Commercial video funny posted at Makoy's blog. I've embedded it here also for you all to see as well.  How funny that a couple dating at McDonalds would actually fight over the Big Mac they have ordered.  I wonder if there are still couples who go on a date to McDonalds in Egypt???  And take note of their background song - I will do anything for love....Yeah, right! 

It sure looked though that they were pretty much in love with each other.  But they soon got over their love feeling after fighting it over a Bic Mac meal.  Ha ha ha.  Hmmm.  That just goes to show us that we can never rush things when it comes to love.  Got to know that guy or gal more.  Or else, you might just be pretty disappointed and brokenhearted in the end.

Now, here's my entry of a funny story in Makoy's Humor Me Contest.  It's still related to knowing your man or woman.  On the side is my son's version of Makoy's photo in the contest badge.  It's timely that he just lost one of his upper tooth.  
This funny story which my husband and I like to tell other couples-to-be is about how differences between couples only surface when they are married.  I am frankly a serious-type of person, while my husband likes to make fun of stuff.  This happened when I was pregnant with our first baby, 4 months after we got married. 

I was going to schedule a pre-natal check-up with a doctor.  Since I just joined him overseas, I asked him what is the full name of Ate Belle, her friend nurse in the hospital I am going to.  He told me to look for Bella Flores.  I really thought that he was serious in his answer, so I called up the hospital and looked for Bella Flores.  Guess what?  The people in the hospital went looking for Bella Flores.  No Bella Flores.  (By the way, Bella Flores is a Filipino actress usually taking the role of kontrabida).  When I called my husband again and told him what I did, he laughed at me.  I was really mad at him and told him "Ah ganoon!" and put down the telephone.  This means war!  Good thing, when he got home, he got me red roses to make up. 

So, what's the lesson I learned from this story?  Don't believe everything that your husband tells you.


Makoy said…
thanks for joining!
Honney said…
hi...i've seen this commercial too. funny!
Yay, this is funny! lol.
Mommy Rubz said…
Hello Chin! Visiting you here and inviting you to join my blog giveaway. Hope you have the time to join. Thanks!
Chin chin said…
Another contest, Mommy Rubz. I'll go have a look and see if I can join. Thanks for the invitation.
Mylene said…
Hahahaha... This is really funny!

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