Enjoying Music Videos

My kids enjoy watching some You Tube videos from our Personal computer.  The boys like watching animated movies like Digimon or Power Rangers while the girls like to watch Barbie videos.  I simply enjoy looking at Janel and Kristel dance to the tune of "She's the Queen of the wa-a-a-aves."

The only problem is sometimes the sound is not audible enough.  The built-in speaker of our desktop computer does not allow for any volume adjustments.  Maybe we can buy another speaker.  I've read some reviews on  Logitech portable speakers, and it looks cool.  Aside from it's ability to provide quality sound, it is portable enough (fits in a carrying case) that you can easily bring it anywhere.  I'm sure it would work great as well with our son's Play Station Portable (PSP) which we can take whenever we travel and still enjoy good MP3 music.


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